Dressing Room - Part 1

My sweet hubs, Seville, and I are finishing up what we refer to as our dressing room.  When we were first married we moved into an apartment until we could decide on a house.  We quickly realized that HIS clothes were not going to fit into the master closet {Hi...I'm Lisa and I'm a closet hog}. 

We made an attempt to force all his clothes into the guest bedroom closet, to no avail.  While shopping in Lowe's one day we spotted this..

courtesy of Lowes.com
 It was as if we heard "The Angels Singing".  Seville was so excited, he installed it that same weekend {now ladies we all know how hard it is to get our man to jump on  "projects"}...HA!

Problem solved!!!

When we moved into the house we were already envisioning a space with not one but two wardrobes, one for him and one for ME.  I have to say, we are truly blessed.  The master bedroom in this home has two closets and they are very large; however we already had our mind set on a true "Dressing Room". 

Here's a sneak peak at our progress...

Do you face the same challenges? And what was the outcome?  Stay tuned!



  1. Wow! The closet looks great! I don't dare let my husband see any of that! Ours is a polar opposite!

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  2. wow- what a transform!

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