Before & After

Still working on this room in our house {The Great Room} but couldn't help sharing this great before and after.  I found this set of bookcases on an online auction a few weeks ago and knew they would be perfect for the space on either side of the television {which by the way STILL is in need of a stand suitable for the space}. 


AfterAs I said, the room is far from done, however I'm pretty pleased at how this project turned out. 

I lined the back of the bookcases with raffia wallpaper to add a little texture and painted them a soft white color {Behr Silky White}.
I'm very happy that I was able to accessorize both bookcases with items we already owned.  I was determined not to have to buy ANYTHING for this project other than the bookcases, paint and wallpaper.  That HUGE shell was one of the first things I spotted when I entered my hubby's town home when we were dating...yall know I had my eye on that from the very beginning.  The turquoise vase was a great find at Kohl's about three years ago on clearance for $14.99!!  The beautiful colored glass also belonged to my hubby.  He was so pleased to see me use it in the space.  That camera was something I found while cleaning my grandmothers house with my brothers a few years back before she passed, so it has sentimental value.  The framed photo of the NC mountains was taken by a dear friend many years ago and the shells in that vase were gathered on our honeymoon last year in Myrtle Beach.

Well there you have it! Another project to check off the list of MANY! 



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  2. Lisa, Congratulations on your website. Already I'm being stirred up to clan out some clutter and reenergize a small room in my house. Your website and blog is filled with inspiration of hope renewed and renewed hope--Keep up the beautiful work!


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