"Pudding Face"

Have you seen this commercial?? I know creepy right...LOL!!  But today if you could see my face, that's just the expression you would find!  Let me explain....hubby and I were on our way out of our neighborhood on this morning to shop for....wait for it.....A Lawnmower! I know..."what the what".  Hey this girl would much rather go shopping for let's just say anything other than a lawnmower. I mean how exciting is that?? Anyway you can just picture my mood as we got into the car to drive off.  As we were leaving the neighborhood hubby spotted a garage sale and commented on the rather large office chair in the driveway....well I have to admit, the phrase Garage Sale prompted me to glance in the rear view mirror just in time to scream STOP!! This is what I spotted.......

an Eames Chair!!

I couldn't get out the car fast enough.  As I'm walking up the driveway I'm preparing myself for the astronomical amount of money she's going to be asking for this chair, so you can imagine my surprise when she said $25!! It took everything in me to contain my joy!!  I asked if she happened to have the footstool that usually comes with the chair and she stated that it was at her mothers house and she would be happy to get it for me....and get this, bless her heart, she's still selling it for only $25. 

I had researched the Eames Chair before so I knew I was getting a reproduction of the original.  You can find a ton of great information at Worthpoint about the Original Eames Chair and how to tell a fake from the real deal.  And although I did not acquire an original, $25 is a far cry from the going price of most replicas on Ebay and other websites.  Many of them charge anywhere from $250 to $700 dollars. 

Now do you see why I have "Pudding Face"...LOL



  1. Holy cow... That is quite possibly the best garage sale find I've heard of! I'm looking for one myself but have little hope I'll ever find one... Enjoy it!


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