Part II "The Great Room"

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July!!

Fourth of July was at our house this year so I was in overdrive mode this past week trying to get the house together.  It's funny how the thought of others seeing your "unfinished projects" can kick you right into gear...HA! 

The room started out like this....

Here are a few photos of our semi-finished Great Room.  
 {please ignore the cords dangling behind my tv stand/sofa} I have yet to find the perfect piece for this space.
That artwork you see hanging on the right side of the fireplace used to look like this.....

after taking it completely apart I used some of the left over wallpaper from my bookcase project to redo the matting.  I then turned to the Bible for art inspiration....there was a beautiful picture of the Sea of Galilee in my family Bible...I cut it out borrowed it within the matting and framed it.  And this is how it turned out! 

I showed you in a previous post how we were able to take these from this...
to this....

Well....that's one more project down....tons more to go!!



  1. Great job! I love what you've done to this room.

  2. such a beautiful room! You did an awesome job!

  3. I love that couch... (And Candice!) If I didn't have an 80 lb lap dog with black fur, I would totally have gone for that same shade of fabric for the sofa... Really great progress so far!


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