Who Needs Starbucks???

When you can create your own coffee station right in your very own kitchen...HA!  The thing is there's an awkward "semi-wall" right as you come into our kitchen that always bothered me.  Every time I enter the kitchen it always feels so empty,  well couple that with the fact that "cooking gadgets" on the counter top drive me crazy seem to tamper with my OCD, I figured why not find a way to squeeze my coffee maker {which is a MUST HAVE in my kitchen!!} into that space. 

While Seville and I were in Charlotte this past weekend we found this cute cabinet in Marshall's....marked down from $99 to $75...STEAL!  and presto-chango we now have a cute little coffee station in our kitchen.

After a trip to Kirkland's for some cute kitchen art my space was all set.

Tell me what you think?  Am I the only one out there who hates kitchen gadgets on the counter tops?



  1. I like what you've done to this space. I certainly think the counter tops look cleaner and less cluttered without gadgets, but where do I put all the gadgets?

  2. Thanks Cynthia! I totally agree, clearing the countertops sometimes presents that problem. One thing I would recommend is pulling everything out of your cabinets. Only choose the items you actually use to place back in the cabinets. I guarantee you will find TONS of space you never knew existed. We tend to hoard items that are of “no use”. Trash or donate those items you have no use for, then you will be able to store some of those gadgets inside the cabinets.

    I hope this helps!


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