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Fall Garden Tour

This week the temperatures are supposed to drop into the thirties by the end of the week. I believe that is  a record low for our area this time of year. After getting dressed this morning I knew I wanted to go out and soak up the beauty of my enjoy the blooms before the cold weather creeps in.
 This yellow beauty is planted on the right front corner of the house and it gets direct sunlight.
This one is planted in the back corner bed and receives part shade. The fragrance is so strong it's like sniffing a beautiful perfume.

This one also gets full sun and gives off the most beautiful blooms, that is when the grasshoppers are not chomping away at the buds!

I love how the branches bow down before the Sun in the morning.
The Hydrangeas are about to bloom again for the third time.
This one is another favorite of the grasshoppers ;-)

The early morning visitors enjoying the showy blooms on the Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea.
Another visitor in the garden, enjoying the Pink Ca…

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